Art is one of the best ways to support children. So, we are very happy about the international attention about our social art project Light a Light for a Child. Children from all over the world send us their black & white draws, their painted ideas for a children’s better world. We transform all these beautiful works of art into shimmering lanterns.

This was followed by many travelling exhibitions – the Journey of Lights – in different countries, accompanied by children’s festivals, workshops and concerts. Only a pen and a sheet of paper: It does not need more to participate!

We want that our Journey of Lights grows!  So, dear children and dear artists: Take part and create your very personal design on a sheet of paper! We will make it shine on our Journey of Lights. All participants start on an equal basis and therefore they are given a blank sheet (DIN A 4 / horizontal). Black and white or colourful life: All is permitted that pleases! Scan your draft with a resolution of 300 dpi, so the quality will be good enough to be printed and send it by email.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our international creative team!

Thanks for your cooperation!

Antonio Fernandez Hídalgo (Spain), Bärbel Schäfer (Germany), Bernard Bieling (Germany), Bianka Maria Rosenau (Germany), Carlo Buergi (Switzerland), Chrystelle Marie (France), Claudia Jäggi (Switzerland), Claudia Maschek (Germany), Dawn Weldon Ward (Japan), Denise Busch (Germany), Dorothée von der Osten (Germany), Dwane Charlou-Jahn (USA), Engi Engelart (Spain), Ester Tenedor Solsona (Spain), Elena Plötz (Germany), Gerlinde Neumann (Germany), Gosia Rybka (Polen), Hasan Hüseyin Deveci (Kurdistan), Herbert De Miranda (South Africa), Irina Christiani (Germany), Irina Serban (Rumania), Jessica Brubaker (USA), Johnny ESJ.Otilano (Philippines), José Gerson (Switzerland), Juan Petry (Spain), Juanjo Viñuela (Spain), Katharina Schutza (Germany), Keely O’Conner (USA), Kerstin Leicher (Germany), Laura Rueda (Catalonia), Laura Tova (Spain), Linda Schutza (Spain), Lluis Sarsanedas (Spain), Lola Ventós (Spain), Little Fish Illustration (Polen), Malmime (Kurdistan), Manfred Jüngling (Spain), Manolo Poison (Spain), Marta Arañó (Spain), Martin Schwartengräber (Germany), Martina Unterharnscheidt (Germany), Michelle Sleigh (Great Britain), Milena Matic (USA), Monika Grygier (Polen), Nicole Bartel (Germany), Nahla Brehme (Germany), Rodi Kahlil (Germany), Roberta Masciarelli (USA), Rolf Kutschera (Germany), Rosa Benavides (Spain), Schierin Ruland (Germany), Silvia Erdinger (Austria) Sonia Eva Domenech (Spain), Song River (USA), Sunrise Welward (Japan), Tatjana Sougakova (USA), Toni Vilà (Catalonia), Toko Okuda (Japan), Weissfeder (Switzerland), Xavi Mallol (Spain).

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